Banana Boat

Charming Charlie

L.L. Bean

Barnes & Noble

FedEx Charity Cardboard

In this collaborative video, FedEx wants to reuse and recycle. They donate their used and extra cardboard to companies and organizations who could use it. Winner of Graphis New Talent Annual: Gold (2017)

GameStop Power to All Players

In this collaborative gender empathy campaign video, GameStop vows to make female gamers feel more included in the gaming community.

Mack Trucks

Premier Paint Rollers

Billboard One

When the weather forecast calls for a foot of snow, you need to be prepared. These billboards equipped with a florescent orange thermometer remind the viewer that even though their daily routine hasn’t changed, the temperature sure has; and their light jacket and sneakers aren’t going to cut it. Making it through a tough winter requires the heavy-duty clothing that L.L. Bean is known for.